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Lifeguard Tower

Why We Blog

As “football wives” the games we watch have the potential to usher in change. Within each game, there are momentum-changing plays, which change our emotions. Then, there are games that change our season, and seasons that change our address!  We have each moved a time or two.  

But, moving changes more than just your address. Like other major life events---marriage, the birth of a child, job loss, the empty nest or even a worldwide pandemic––it can cause you to question your identity. Maybe you can relate?

As we navigate new places, new seasons, new insecurities, we cling to the One who knows us best.  We long for roots; He tells us we are rooted in Christ. We long for familiar faces; He invites us to seek His face. We long to be known; He reminds us that He sees us and knows us. 

Although football initially brought us together, faith forged our enduring bond. We have never lived in the same place, but the three of us “meet” regularly by phone to pray. Our prayer time has been a constant in a sea of change

We invite you to join us here, at this permanent address, where we talk about His good gifts, His faithfulness in the midst of change.  So that we can encourage one another.  

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